you said don't lie so i made the truth.
precious little diamond.

copenhagen - june 16

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Anonymous said to cyrilliart: ZAYN 18 I love you


Anonymous said to cyrilliart: ZAYN 18 I love you

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maradilink asked: fond!ziam or possessive!ziam?

movies that I could watch forever | You’ve Got Mail (1998)

"I just drank a cup of tea and i thought it was horrible but turns out it was coffee and it was actually pretty nice"

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Jehad Saftawi, IMEU:

"On July 16, while I was in eastern Gaza City taking photos of the many buildings recently destroyed by Israeli forces, a man approached me and asked if I wanted to enter his home to take photos of the inside.

I accepted his offer and as he showed me around, I learned his name is Khamis Mraish and that his brother, Dr. Riad Mraish, ran a clinic from the home.  As Khamis took me through each corner of the house, he described in detail the damage in every room. Most of the family’s belongings, including Dr. Mraish’s medical equipment, were now ruined, scattered in pieces and covered with debris.

It was horribly sad to witness his pain — and how he so badly wanted to share his story with the world. And the more people I speak with, the more I realize there is this same feeling everywhere. The people in Gaza want, and need, the world to see what they are going through.”

Zuhair Murad Haute Couture Fall 2014


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