you said don't lie so i made the truth.
precious little diamond.


words cannot express how grateful I am to Shahid Khan aka naughty boy for being such a good influence and friend to Zayn

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There are no words to express how proud I am of Zayn and his act of insanely beautiful courage. Despite being constantly subjected to meanness, prejudices and discrimination, he holds his soul erect, he has the kind of obstinate and wild beauty that only the flowers grown through stone have. He’s a man of indomitable fortitude, honour and integrity, intelligence and compassion. Somewhere along the way, he decided to always be true to himself, to his personal values and convictions, to not say anything he couldn’t stand behind fully, and he did. He did. And there’s something irreplaceable about that.

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Ziam; hottest couple at highschool

Larry + Narry + Ziall

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Take Me to Church
Neon Jungle


bitches came over, yeah we threw a party


bitches came over, yeah we threw a party

Anonymous asked:
What if the blind is not about Zayn?


It doesn’t matter. The wording and timing makes it impossible to think of the blind as being about anybody else - and everyone’s arse is covered cause they don’t have to solve it.

The story comes from a ”private party” and the only things he’s quoted as saying are about how fans are stupid and do what he tells them, and how he has the power. Which COULD have been said in a totally inconspicuous way [and lbr, tons of fans do what the boys tell them, as if that’s news], but the rest, about making an ARMY and following a RELIGION are not even directly quoted. Ace’s arse is covered cause he can totally say they were hearsay.

The thing is, is he ever gonna solve that? Fuck no. And as it has already been pointed out, well what a crazy random happenstance, Ace had this information for a while, right, but he wasn’t posting it because?! He didn’t have enough clues to put in? Oh please, he put in the weed alright.

And oh Zayn became political. Cause 1000 people and more have died, and he’s against that [all he did was say he supports Palestine ffs, not that he wants Israel destroyed or that he hates Jews or ANY of that I AM SO MAD], so lets all go assume he wants to build an army and kill people cause that’s what all these dirty Muslims have in the back of their mind, right?

I AM SO DISGUSTED BY ALL THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA. And again it doesn’t matter if the blind ”is not about him” [which it is], or if it never gets solved. The point is it’s out there, and he’s being painted as a terrorist that wants his own army to kill people. How fucking great. I can;t even believe I am typing these words right now, I can’t even believe this is real…

I don’t know if Ace happens to be 100% behind this and exploiting the ”opportunity”, or it’s the record label [remember Simon and his donations to the Israeli army], or if it’s HJPR because oh this rebellious Muslim ruined 1D’s ”spotless” [give me a break] image again, but what I know is people are dying, in both sides of this war, and fucking Hollywood grabbed the opportunity to paint a young Muslim as a terrorist because he doesn’t fit into their precious narrative. And god forbid him mentioning ANYTHING about his heritage or religion, he’s suddenly pimping Islam and planning to raise terrorist armies.

The equivalent of that would probably be Niall tweeting ”Happy Christmas”, or that he is against the deaths of people in Russia/Ukraine, and the media going all up in arms about how he’s trying to start a Modern Day Crusade.


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Anonymous asked:
I feel a bit silly asking, but what's the significance of Zayn's tweet? It's obviously huge... I feel so uninformed :(


Zayn is taking a stand for Palestine. This is HUGE! I can’t even properly put it into words. You’re aware of the horrors going on in Gaza right now? Well for the past 60 years, really. The Palestinians have been killed, massacred. Families and homes torn apart by Israel.

And Zayn, with this simple tweet, shows that he stands against these atrocities. A Muslim boy. On Eid. It just means so much. I am so proud of my boy right now.

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